Decorating Your Home With
Custom Art of Your Pets
There’s no better way to capture the special relationship between you and your pet than by
displaying pictures of them throughout your home. Custom pet art gives you the unique opportunity
to reminisce about their goofy antics or the warmth of the sun’s rays that time you played together
in the park. Every time you see their pictures, there will be a smile on your face. Here are some ideas
to help you decorate your home with custom-made art of your pets.
Questions to Ask Before Getting Started
You need to consider the size of artwork for your walls, the rooms where it would hang, and how you
want people to feel when they see it. The issue of color and pattern is also very important. You might
want to coordinate with a certain color scheme or style.
Making Pet Art Part of Your Interior
Deciding where to display the images is the first step. Should you place them in the hallway, over the
staircase, above the fireplace, or in a room with a big and empty wall? Or all of the above? Have a
look around your home. In terms of style and location, there’s probably a wide variety of options. Try
to figure out what type of art would be best suited for the overall feel of your space. You might opt
for a diverse and eclectic look or a carefully measured and balanced one.
If precision isn’t your forte – and that’s understandable if you’re not a professional artist – your best
bet is mixing various elements between different paintings and photos and frames of different sizes.
Choosing décor can be tricky, regardless of whether you’re selecting standing frames or wall prints.
Creativity is key here. You might have their photos alongside family portraits in the hallway or display
them as a showcased feature in your living room. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need
help arranging them.
Color or Black and White
If fun, bright colors are your thing, then you could consider a color scheme that will work with your
home’s style and décor. This will help to avoid clashing colors. Think about adding color elements
from textured blankets, toys, or clothes.
Should the look of black and white photos be more inspiring to you, don’t hesitate to adopt it. It’s the
easiest way to coordinate with existing images and it will match the color scheme of any space.
Communicating Emotion
When someone looks at the pictures of your pet, what do you want them to feel? Is it comfort and
serenity or fun and excitement? If you plan on placing artwork near your front door, it will set the
tone for your guests’ subsequent experiences in your home. It might be calm and subdued or
refreshing and energetic.

Your pet’s personality must also be taken into account. Are they quiet and relaxed or boisterous and
lively? You want the art to reflect it. If your cat purrs when you scratch her behind the ears or if your
puppy lives for squeaky toys, you may want those unique moments captured.
Another option is designing a storyboard. Images are cropped in various ways and displayed in the
most fitting manner possible. It’s easy to fall in love with something when you have so many
gorgeous products to choose from: wood mounts, fine art prints, and canvases.
A professional can help you see how different sizes and images will look in your home. Just bring
photos or tell them your wall dimensions; they’ll know what to do.

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