Most pet owners are so much concerned about the safety of their pets but very few cares about toxic house plants for dogs and other pets. Actually, most of these plants can be good for other reasons but unfortunately they are very poisonous for dogs when ingested. Some of these plants are mildly poisonous while others can cause serious health issues that can be fatal and to some greater extent cause death. This shows that it’s better to know about them and where they grow as one method of precaution.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the first most common household plant that is very useful to humans but very dangerous for dogs. It has some healing properties that are adored by humans for their skin and other health issues. Unfortunately, when Aloe Vera is ingested by a dog, it can cause several health issues. The good news is that it will only irritate the dog’s digestive system with no very serious issues in waiting.

aloe vera

Sago Palm

This plant makes your house look exotic but the fact remains that every part of this plant is very dangerous to your dog. The seeds, the leaves and all the other parts of it can cause mild to serious health problems to your dog. In some cases, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and in the worst scenario case liver failure.

sago palm


This pant belongs to one of the biggest plant families with some of the members being good while others are toxic and can cause serious health issues for a dog. This plant actually forms the largest size of the Toxic House Plants for dogs. Among the most toxic plants are the Peace Lily and the Easter lily. If it is ingested, the dog may start to diarrhea or even vomit which can cause additional problems.



Most house owners have heard of the poisonous Ivy but even the regular Ivy is on the list of Toxic House plants for dogs. The plant can be harmful even when consumed in small amounts. When ingested, the dog may end up developing a rash. In some other cases, it may cause breathing problems. Although the condition can be managed when detected earlier, there are some common occurrences when the dog gets to a coma or Paralysis after consuming this plant.



Many families have this type of a plant in the garden without knowing it’s among the most Toxic house plants for Dogs. The plant actually goes by many names including the Jade Tree, Chinese or Japanese Rubber plant, Dwarf Rubber and many others. So whenever you see this plant in your area, be sure it can be very dangerous for your dog especially puppies. Very few people are familiar with the toxic substances in this plant. If the dog swallows any part of the plant, it will result to vomiting, ataxia, low heart rate and in greater cases depression. If noticed early enough, the problem can be managed through home remedies as activated charcoal.



This plant is adored by office dwellers and home owners with little light. Most pet owners are not familiar with the poisons and toxins in this plant which is the reason why they put them inside their rooms. Though, if the dog happens to swallow any part of this plant, there will be mild problems which may cause vomiting and diarrhea. The case is not always chronic but continuous ingestion can cause serious problems.

Corn Plant

You will find this plant in many homes because it’s very easy to grow and can as well grow almost anywhere. Although there are lower chances that a dog will ingest it, it’s among the toxic house plants for dogs because it causes diarrhea and loss of appetite in dogs. The plant can be very dangerous to puppies because they have a weak immune system. In puppies, it can cause difficulty breathing and to some extent increase the heart rate. With that in mind, it’s very obvious that you need to get an alternative plant in your flowerbed.

corn plant

Asparagus Fern

This plant is a very popular household plant because it grows very fast and is also very easy to care for. Though, it’s in the list of toxic house plants for dogs because if the dog ingests it repeatedly, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even problems breathing that can grow serious with time. It also causes skin irritation and dehydration when swallowed.


Dumb Cane

Dumb canes are usually grown as flowers because of their beautiful looks, fast growing abilities and ease of caring. Although there are low chances that the dog will ingest any part of this plant, it is one of the most toxic house plants for dogs that can even cause death. It has many toxins that can cause burning or swelling of the mouth and the tongue. It can also irritate the digestive track and eventually cause difficulties in swallowing food. It causes increased salivation and breathing problems. If this is not dealt with fast enough, then there are some chances of death.

You can trust the list of toxic house plants for dogs laid down above. For this reason, as a pet owner you should look for alternative house plants that are not very toxic to dogs and other pets. Some of the best alternatives include the Boston fern, African Violet, Tiger Orchid, Moth Orchid and many others.

The other thing to do is to train your dog so that it will not go eating plants and other garbage. This way, the dog will be wise enough to avoid any of the toxic house plants for dogs. Always make sure your dog is full and in the best health conditions.

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