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Intestinal worms in dogs

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The dog will excrete roundworms eggs in the feces. After just two weeks, the eggs become infectious and this is the time when human beings get at the risk. These eggs may stick to the people’s hands or feet when they step on the feces or on the soil where the dog has pooped. The dog can as well transfer these eggs from its anus to the mouth when cleaning itself and later passed to human being through the contact. Its eggs can be found in soil whenever dogs have defecated. If you ingest these eggs mistakenly the larvae can pass into internal organs and consequently affect muscles central nervous system and the eyes. Children and immune compromised humans are at high risks.


Hookworm eggs are found on the dog’s feces and hence can stick on the human’s hands and feet when walking bare foot. The larvae is likely to hatch after a week in the outdoor and this is the time they start being a problem to the human beings. They penetrate to the internal organs through the skin and can cause skin or intestinal diseases. The host human will likely get an itchy rush on the point of penetration. Severe cases of Hookworm can lead to diarrhea, weight loss and also anemia.


The type that actually afflicts dogs is the flea tapeworm. However, there are sever cases of tapeworm but the later is the most common. The dog is likely to get this type of worms if it ingests an infected flea. Although it is rare, the same situation can happen to human beings. This type of worms can really be a problem to the humans. They cause a very serious and risky condition known as hydrated disease. This disease causes cysts in the vital organs and they can rupture and cause more trouble.

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