bestvet Staff asked 2 years ago
My dog started this real bad dry cough about 2 days ago. Along with the cough, I
noticed her hacking and gagging not being able to hack anything up. Yesterday, the
coughing became gradually worse resulting in her throwing up here and there
throughout the night. I’m worried she may have something stuck?
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bestvet Staff answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately, your letter does not tell us how old your dog is, what breed he is, and if he has been vaccinated, how is his general feeling? Has your dog been in contact with other dogs lately? Regularly got worm control? It can be heart disease, trauma, pneumonia, internal parasites etc. Coughing as if there is something in the throat can also refer to kennel cough. You can read more about kennel cough here.
DVM Lina
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