Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsMy dog is hurt his leg should I call after hours vet or will he be OK to take in in like 56 hours
Laurie asked 1 year ago

My 5 pound Maltese Mail playing hard with two bigger dogs today I didn’t see anything happen but he hid under my bed for about three hours. When I finally went to find him I couldn’t get them out underneath the bed because he has started whimpering and crying when I pulledhim out From underneath my question is I think he has hurt his shoulder just like he is not walking on his right frontr foot. This happened about eight hours ago he still cannot walk on his foot he cries when I touched his shoulder and my question is do I call my vet and have him make a nightly office visit or will my dog be OK till morning when I can get him in when they’re there during regular hours and what can I do to make him comfortable I feel like I should call them now because he’s in a lot of pain

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1 Answers
bestvet Staff answered 1 year ago

Get in touch with your doctor immediately!

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Dilbert replied 7 months ago

You already have the answer: would you wait to take one of your children to the hospital if they hurt their shoulders, or would you gamble with their health in an effort to save money? Why would you take on the responsibilities of being a pet owner, and then question every time you were expected to actually be a responsible pet owner?

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